Trail Braking Page

The Trail Braking Page

Think you really know what trail braking is? Maybe you do, maybe not. Are you using trail braking every ride? Maybe you should, maybe not.

This page is here to provide knowledge resources and encourage experience opportunities to acquire this essential motorcycling cornering technique.

Happy trails on down the road to mastering your trail braking skills!

First, say this out loud, wherever you are right now:

Trail braking is not a braking technique. It’s an advanced cornering technique.

Trail braking does not mean rear braking only.

Trail braking is done mainly with the front brake.

The rear brake may be useful when trail braking under extreme circumstances to prevent excessive forward chassis pitch.

The trail braking cornering procedure refers to applying the brakes normally and tapering, or trailing, brake pressure beyond the entrance of a curve or turn-in point.

Next, consider reading Cornering Confidence: The Formula for 100% Control in Curves book (the trail braking how-to guide).

Next, watch these trail braking videos in a special Trail Braking Tips playlist. The first two videos are short and directly to the point. (Click below and see top left icon shows all playlist videos)